What does the La Vie en Rose mean?

Let me tell you … this is a French phrase, “Life in Rose” is its literal translation but its meaning is bigger than you can imagine. The pink tone in your life means all the happiness, satisfaction, and all the splendor that there may be in it. These fascinating words are really open to the imagination. And if you can imagine it, you are closer to having it.

Thanks to that imagination, our concept was born, because when you give flowers you leave your feelings very clear, then we decided to put a luxury detail to the gift so appreciated giving a Parisian touch to present our floral arrangements in keepsake boxes.

Our passion for roses and our love for fashion have shaped our ability to create all kinds of floral arrangements.

Don’t look any further because you’ve already found us La vie en rose nk, a different florist shop.

Our team:
We are a young team and our brand also and we will continue to grow day by day thanks to our enthusiastic and creative team, in which each one performs a unique task, contributing ideas, experiences, enthusiasm and desire to enjoy the work.


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